When should you delegate and when should you share your account in Kerio Connect?

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When should you delegate and when should you share your account in Kerio Connect?

Kerio Connect 8.2 will bring a new option to allow your personal assistant or colleague to access your Inbox and calendar. So, you may wonder: Should my assistant have the ability to send email on my behalf and setup meetings for me or should s/he just have read-only access to my Inbox and calendar?

Let’s review basic differences between delegation and sharing:

Account Delegation is when you want someone to manage your calendar, manage your email, send/accept invitations on your behalf, etc. It’s a classic “boss with a personal assistant” scenario. Your delegate will always have access to two specific folders: Calendar and Inbox. (You cannot delegate the Tasks folder, you can only share the Tasks folder, however there is one exception: you will see delegated Tasks in iCal on Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6.)

If you want someone to have read-only access to your specific calendars or email folders, that’s what Folder Sharing is for. You pick and choose which folders you want to share with another user. The user will not be able to send meeting invites or respond to email on your behalf, but will get event reminders and be able to read all the messages.

If you used folder sharing in prior versions of Kerio Connect, make yourself familiar with the differences between account delegation and folder sharing and pick the one that fits your needs.

A note for Kerio Connect administrators

After you upgrade to Kerio Connect 8.2, the server will notify all users with CalDAV clients, asking them to decide which shared, public or delegated folders should be visible in their clients. If they choose to decline these sharing options, they will be able to re-add the calendars back to iCal simply by going to Kerio Connect Client and changing their preferences in “Folders to sync”.

We recommend you “hide” these shared calendars in Kerio Connect Client settings. The calendars will not be viewable in CalDAV clients but the user can make them visible later if needed, without asking the calendar owner again.