How to setup Outlook 2007 with Keiro Offline Connector

To setup Kerio Connector for Outlook 2007

The easiest way to download the connector is visit the webpage of your Kerio server, like   and click the link Integration with Windows.

Click the link download Kerio outlook connector


Download and run the file.  Just follow the prompts



Now we need to make a mail profile

Go to control panel, pick mail

Pick show profiles

Pick add new

Now give the profile a name

Pick manual configure server settings.

Select other and select Kerio Connect (KOC) Offline Edition)

Fill out the information as indicated in the screen shot


If Outlook is open, you might see this message, hit OK


If there are not errors make sure the always use this profile is selected and the new profile is in the window

Start Outlook and hopefully you will see your email