Dshield Identified Top Attackers blocks access from LAN – if your network has no internet access


The IDS/IPS security update (version 2.413) released on the 1st of October 2013 can cause the ‘Dshield Identified Top Attackers’ to block LAN traffic from / 24. As we have identified the problem, we have now released an update of the IDS/IPS rules immediately (version 2.414). The IDS/IPS rules will then be updated automatically within the default update interval. You may need to reboot your Kerio control system to solve this problem.


  1. All Kerio Control versions
    • If it is possible to access the administration interface from a different source IP address (eg. via VPN client, remotely from the internet, from a another network IP address range) – Press Update Now button to update rules manually.
    • If it is not possible to access the Kerio Control Administration – restart the server and the Kerio Control should invoke the update automatically within 10 minutes after the restart.