Backup your Kerio Control config to the Cloud

from Kerio Knowledge base

Saving configuration to Samepage

Kerio Control can automatically backup and upload the configuration files to every day.

  1. Sign-up to Samepage for free (or use your existing Samepage account).
  2. In the administration interface, go to section Advanced Options → Configuration Backup.
  3. Check option Enable automatic daily backup.
  4. Enter you email address and your Samepage password.
  5. Go to Samepage, create a new page for the backup and copy URL of the page.
  6. In the Kerio Control administration interface, paste the address to the URL field.
  7. Save the settings.


Kerio Control uploads configuration files once a day (section Backup provides a link to the page location).

Only the specified user will have access to this page.

For immediate configuration backups to Samepage, click on the Backup Now button.

Use link Import configuration or the Configuration Assistant to import the files back to Kerio Control.